Xplanation’s Tstream® suite is a fully integrated translation management platform. From the moment you place your order, our cloud-based solution covers the full translation process to save you time, provide total traceability of your projects and ensure a high level of quality.

By automatically moving content through the translation process, we help save you time – and time is money.

Technology - Xplanation Dashboard


Our dashboards, which are available 24/7, help you measure your translation ROI. Online reports give you an overview of all projects, provide data on translation costs, translation memory performance and quality results. Real-time transparency has never been easier.

Technology - Xplanation In-country review

In-country review

Our unique technology makes it easy to initiate and perform in-country reviews with your local offices. Accessible online, Tstream® Validator allows you to review and send us comments on the translations we’ve provided using your terminology and translation memory in a single environment. Our customers report time savings of 50% by using Tstream® Validator. And we have an in-format solution for InDesign. Can you make time to save time?

Technology - Xplanation Translation Memories

Translation memories

A translation memory is a linguistic database that captures your translations for future use. All previous translations are stored in the translation memory (in source and target language pairs, called ‘translation segments’) and can be reused. As we build up your translation memory, costs go down and the translation process is streamlined.

Technology - Xplanation CMS Integration

CMS Integration

Accelerate your content’s time to market with Xplanation. With the seamless integration of translation into your content management system (CMS), you can order, track and review your translations directly in your CMS. You can also submit content to be translated with one simple click. Once translated and reviewed, content is then delivered to the correct locations in your CMS. Saving time has never been easier!