We know the challenges you face

The retail world is faced with growing challenges – from disruptive technologies and trends to intense pressure on margins and the need for greater efficiency. Those companies that are truly in tune with their clients will emerge as the winners. They are the firms that have a deep understanding of their clients, know what they want and can satisfy their expectations.
In this rapidly evolving world, retailers need to prioritize investments in technologies that allow them to create value for clients or help to increase the efficiency of their own operations. This is all about determining how ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), PIM (Product Information Management) and warehousing can work as one. It is about knowing how and when to use beacon technology, tablets, personalization mirrors or AR technology. The ease with which products and services can be accessed can make or break the entire client experience.
Many of today’s consumers no longer distinguish between digital and physical shopping experiences. They are seeking fast, interactive, comparative and convenient shopping. Mobile access is still key, closely followed by personalization. The number of players in the e-commerce space is constantly expanding, and new brands and online shops are emerging day after day – not to mention new platforms such as Facebook Marketplace or Instagram’s Shoppable Tags. 
In this fiercely competitive marketplace, a distinctive profile and effective communication are vital to build and maintain a strong brand identity. Showing you can speak the same language as your target audience anywhere in the world is a source of true business value. Studies have shown that clients automatically expect to receive information in their native language. They view it as a necessity, not as an ‘added extra’: 72% of clients worldwide say they prefer to buy products that provide information in their own language and 56% say language is more important to them than price. 

You can count on our translation solutions for retail:

  • Fast and continuous delivery of localized and targeted content for your platforms
  • The right set-up to handle all your translation and transcreation (creative/marketing translations) projects cost-effectively
  • Dedicated project managers, skilled linguists and expert copywriters to help you communicate in the right way at the right time
  • Our solutions can be integrated with your software (CMS, PIM and others) to minimize the use of your internal resources and accelerate time-to-market
We translate and transcreate: marketing collateral, websites, e-commerce sites, catalogues, in store ads and campaigns, blogs, banners, Facebook pages and feeds, newsletters, Instagram copy, targeted e-mails, internal communications, videos and much more. We also offer associated services such as layout, multimedia and connection to web CMS.