The world of finance is changing fast. Large banks have lead the way and set standards within the financial industry for a long time. Over the past decade, the landscape has changed significantly with digitisation and the emergence of fintech. Banks have also invested heavily into infrastructure to address C.A.R.L. (Compliance, Audit, Risk, and Legal) over the past years. Hacking and fraud schemes become increasingly sophisticated, which forces companies to protect their sensitive information flows (data security, cybercrime). Globalization has encited banks to think global while connecting with their audience at local level.

You can rely on our solutions:

  • Advanced technology and security: A completely secure ordering portal and integrated workflow with 100% file traceability
  • Compliance with the EN 15038, ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 quality standards, guaranteeing use of professionally trained, native translators, with deep knowledge of financial sector
  • Dedicated resources: Core translator team composed of seasoned finance translators, as well as transcreators and copywriters who are familiar with your sector (for creative translations, marketing copy, and ads)
  • Focus on process optimisation and automation to provide maximum value for money

We can provide the translation, transcreation, proofreading or editing of: annual reports, financial reports, research, mobile banking apps, websites and intranet, marketing campaigns, internal/external communication and sales materials, as well as HR-related content such as contracts, job descriptions and training materials.

We also offer associated services, such as layout, interpreting, multimedia for audio and video files and CMS integration.