Globalization operates on Internet time, the rise of Content Management Systems integration

Globalization is the driver behind large-scale industry transformations across all sectors, and this is no different for the language industry, that’s why Content Management System integration is so important for translation work.

But what’s not to love about being enriched by other languages and cultures? A steady increase in trade and growth in a global context means  the amount of translation work is on the way up. But it also means an increased amount of companies – and technologies – to compete with.

How do we meet these challenges head-on?

Our mission is not only to expand our global footprint, but especially to grow alongside our customers. And in order to facilitate that growth, seeking alliances to ensure superior customer experience is the name of the game. In the course of recent years, Xplanation has taken similar steps, the latest one  being Xplanation and Matrix AG joining forces at the end of 2016.

One of the obvious advantages is that of having a larger team to ensure higher scalability and continue delivering high-quality translations. Another lies in an expansion of the technological service offering for both parties.

Content Management System integration

What’s in a total (CMS) Content Management System integration for you?

You already know of Xplanation’s fully integrated translation solution, a one-stop shop from translation registration to delivery, a feedback tool, direct access to business intelligence, in-country review, to mention a few. But what truly differentiates us from most translation agencies is that we can provide connector plug-ins for a range of (web) Content Management Systems.

First off, quid? The days of hand-coded HTML pages is long gone. When we’re setting up a website or even publishing a simple blog post, all it takes is a Content Management System, or CMS: a software tool that enables you to create, publish and modify content. And within minutes, you have a very nifty-looking website. But a company with international aspirations also needs a multilingual website. And that’s where we come in. Xplanation can provide you with plug-ins that you can install – a simple drag and drop will do – and it will create a total Content Management System integration, allowing you to send content directly to our platform for translation without any need for manual intervention. We currently have connectors deployed for:

  • Sitecore (preferred partner)
  • EpiServer
  • Joomla!
  • Drupal
  • SDL LiveContent Architect
  • PTC Windchill (soon)
  • Additionally, we can help develop a custom connection mechanism for special scenarios.

Too far-fetched and technologically advanced? Quite the contrary. Very recently, Xplanation teamed up on an RFP for a large automotive customer. One of the requirements in their search for a language service provider was that of agile processes that would enable the continuous delivery of content, which meant an emphasis on automation and efficiency. More specifically, the customer would benefit greatly from an Adobe Experience Manager plug-in, so that their translations could be done in the CMS system in just a few clicks.

Xplanation has the technological savvy to build its own connectors and a considerable repertoire of large household names in the industry. And it was only through our combined efforts that we were able to present ourselves as an ideal candidate.

To conclude in the words of Henry Ford: “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success"