Xplanation’s three interesting takeaways from the Webwinkel Vakdagen 2017

For the second year round, Xplanation exhibited at the Webwinkel Vakdagen in Utrecht on 18 and 19 January. Much like last year, the weather was particularly cold, but the openness and kindness of the Dutch all the more heart-warming.

As we weren’t new to the concept and venue, the Webwinkel Vakdagen offered a great opportunity to catch up with fellow exhibitors, colleagues and our much appreciated existing customers and business partners.

Armoured with an upgraded booth, witty merchandising, a highly motivated team and loads of Belgian chocolates, we talked to over a hundred different large and small businesses in two days’ time, being introduced into their worlds, the leaps they take and the challenges they face as a business:

“Will my existing French (France) website suffice to conquer the Belgian French market?”

“Given my business and sector, what translation should I give priority: English or German?”

“I have a colleague translate the Spanish content, but I feel she’s being overwhelmed. How do I find a partner that’s equally qualified ad trustworthy?”

“How technically advanced are you in terms of CMS solutions?”

These are only a few of the questions regarding translation we can help simplify. Xplanation prides itself into putting our customers’ needs first. In order to do so, we strive to get a full understanding of the customer’s business and the intricacies that come with it.

So what have we picked up during our stay in Utrecht?

  1. How good are you at digital?

One of the event’s show-stoppers was the keynote speech delivered by Pim van der Feltz, Director of Google Netherlands. His tip for the upcoming years? Look into optimizing your mobile offering: everything you do as a company is reflected by how you handle the mobile aspect. Van der Feltz was quite clear about it: “If you can’t manage to work mobile, then just forget about it”. Strong words, but let’s face it: the corporate world is changing and this has a very direct impact on how and where content is consumed. Mobile, social media and cloud solutions are impacting what we connect to, how we connect to content, products and brands we like and how we do business. And we all have to keep up. This means that you need to provide relevant content at all times, and this preferably in the languages spoken by your target audience. Which is where translation comes into play.

  1. Man testing Formula one car in WWVD 2017Virtual, a reality

Compared to last year’s edition, there was definitely an interesting trend emerging among the stand owners: virtual reality, preferably combined with fast cars.

We strongly believe that virtual reality is the perfect way to emphasize the importance of direct (customer) experience. The cars, whether it be a formula 1 racing vehicle or an electric BMW i3, are the symbol of speedily services without compromising quality and sustainability. Which are ideals we highly endorse at Xplanation.

  1. Testing, one-two-…

Andre ten Wolde, CEO from Domino’s Pizza Netherlands and Belgium, talks about how Domino’s allows people to order via their mobile devices, wherever they are. But before that was possible, Domino’s implemented a fair share of testing periods: putting new features online, see how the users respond, … This data is absolutely essential, according to ten Wolde. This because tests can affirm your hypothesis, but also expose where you need to adjust.

It is all about meeting and exceeding customer requirements. In a continuous delivery model as provided by Xplanation you can make speed a habit, a clear and repetitive process. You have freedom to make and break processes and decisions as makes sense to getting content to market ASAP. It is up to us to assess with our customers what their expectations regarding the output are and why they make this business decision.

If you place the customer at the centre, quality is no longer about linguistics and error detection only, but rather about customer experience and satisfaction. And it is only by becoming part of the development process that we can get there and translate our customers’ success.

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