Takeaways from the second Medical Devices Sales and Marketing Conference 2017

At the second Annual Medical Devices Event for Sales and Marketing Managers in Cologne on 28th and 29th of September, various medical companies and service providers shared their sales and marketing visions, strategies and insights. Xplanation is proud to have been part of this conference.

The event was attended by industry giants such as Siemens Healthineers, Hartmann, Sonova, MedTronic, Boston Scientific, Philips Healthcare, TÜV Rheinland, Getinge, GE Healthcare and many more. Interesting service providers like Vistex, Showpad, Agnitio and Stratence, who chaired the event, also attended.

A common topic was the cost-selling approach versus the value-selling approach, where the company focus should be on the added value of your company and product and what is essential to your company. Not only can you avoid having to continually lower your price, you can even step up from being a vendor into a partnership. You can become someone who “helps fix problems” rather than merely pointing them out, as Sourabh Pagaria, Senior VP and General Manager of the Enterprise Services and Solutions Business at Siemens Healthineers related. Notwithstanding the risk, of course, that when locking your brand to a customer so closely, your image can be at risk as well. Risk management and a thorough analysis of the customer are therefore not only a must, but also essential to a rewarding customer-partner relationship.

Takeaways from the second Medical Devices Sales and Marketing Conference 2017

Focusing on the value of your core business is essential to any organization that wants to solidly position itself in the respective target market. Focusing on key elements of your corporation is the way to success, as Jan Benschop, Mellon’s Medical COO and former GM of Allergan, known for their BOTOX® division, highlighted. Only that way can you establish what you want, set relevant KPIs, bring in the necessary expertise and provide the best possible service.

And service is what it is all about. Service is a longer-lasting essential than the money you will acquire (or spend) in the short term, according to Sandra Garitonandia from Vistex. Regular communication with your customer about the product or service you have just sold to them, actively identifying any remaining issues and sharing best practices makes you an enabler of products, and establishes trust. Trust is what you need to be able to become a pricing master: agreeing on a price by simulating probable conditions based on the value of your product shows your commitment to provide a long-term solution that will enable both parties to grow and learn from each other.

Paula Ljulj from Hartmann stressed the importance of sharing your story both internally and externally. As a Senior Brand Manager, she found that to make a well-established 200-year-old company change strategy, one has to start from within. A strong, emotional appeal, based on doctors’ and patients’ experiences will get many people interested in your brand. If you can then roll out your vision successfully in one division or market and build a showcase model for your other markets or products, your branding strategy becomes more than a story, and is supported by facts and the necessary figures to convince many CEOs to adopt your way of thinking, including your own.

Many organizations also shared that translation, and the pains of getting that content validated internally on time, proves to be a challenge. Lack of automation, documents that are difficult to get hold of, and planning (not in the least because streamlining workflows of the various departments involved is never easy) often compromise good-quality promotional material, as well as adherence to EU and FDA regulations, explained Stefanie Leschonsky, Director EMEA Quality and RA at Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics. All promotional material is regarded as ‘labelling’ according to old and new stipulations, and strictly regulated.

As a translation and localization expert, Xplanation can facilitate your in-country review, by automating workflow and managing the full validation process. Typically, our customers report a significant time saving, and full recovery from headaches and pain.

Our speakers at the conference, Elisabeth De Cannière and Anita Davenport, shared some of the latest technologies that help medical device customers to advance their content management and language strategies from a tactical to an optimized approach. Should you be interested in more information on this subject, we have an interesting 2-part webinar on 12th and 18th October 2017. We invite you to register at https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/3027877287702986755