Quality translations from an ISO-certified specialist

Translation is our business. At Xplanation, we know that quality translations are of key importance to our clients. Our attention to detail is just one of the many reasons why clients stay with us year after year. We also understand that in today’s rapidly changing world, translation services need to keep pace with developments and to evolve according to your needs. Growth is exciting but it can also create new challenges for companies – including those that need to manage large translation projects. The good news is that Xplanation is an expert in tailoring workflows and providing translation services for businesses of all shapes and sizes. You deserve the very best service. Read on to find out what Xplanation can offer you.

Quality translations at your fingertips

Xplanation has been ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified since 2015. Our Quality Management System is integrated in all aspects of our business and processes. What does that mean for our clients?
In a world where vast numbers of providers claim to produce the very best translations, our ISO certification serves as a hallmark of quality, demonstrating the standard of work we deliver. Today, Xplanation ranks in the global top 40 of translation specialists – a position we have achieved by delivering quality translations combined with first-class client service. Whatever your language needs, you can rest assured that your translation projects are in safe hands – allowing you to focus your attention on your core business.
Quality translations with ISO certification

Quality Management

Quality management is vital for the success of any translation project. So how do we define quality management at Xplanation?
Our Quality Management System ensures the smoothest possible client experience for you. Translation is our business and our experienced team will handle your translation projects with care, coordinating the process with translators, reviewers and graphic designers to guarantee that we consistently deliver a high-quality translation product on schedule.

Transparency and control 24/7

Imagine that it is 3.00 a.m. and you want to check the status of your translation project. No problem. No time to talk to your partner at Xplanation? No problem. Every stage of your project can be handled easily and efficiently via our online portal. You can request quotes, submit new translation projects, view the status of existing projects or download them once completed - at any time from any location. This ensures transparency and places you in control. Our secure platform allows you to access reports on the quality and financial aspects of your projects and to obtain detailed costs reports in real time. Of course, we never forget how important the human touch is at Xplanation. This means that your project manager is always available to give you personalised business reports whenever you need them.


Confidentiality is paramount at Xplanation. We use our certified Tstream portal, which is HTTPS-encrypted, to transfer your data into and out of our system. You can rest assured that each one of your translation projects is secure when you use any of our translation services. Our approach to translation memories is no exception: They are managed separately for each client so that your texts remain confidential and your intellectual property is secure. Clients can request their translation memories at any stage of our cooperation and we regularly update them to ensure quality translations.

Are you benefiting from our full range of translation services?

In addition to translation and editing, we offer a range of complementary services, including:
Transcreation and copywriting
Editing and proofreading
Layout and graphics
International Search Engine Optimisation (ISEO)
Subtitling and voice-overs
Transcription and interpreting
Content Management System (CMS) integration
Please contact us to discuss your needs. We look forward to being of service!