Process Innovation Challenge - Tokyo Edition

Process Innovation Challenge - Tokyo Edition

Process Innovation Challenge - The concept

Locworld Tokyo 2018 will be home to the third edition of the Process Innovation Challenge, an event aimed at bringing together young talents and their innovative ideas, hosted by Jeff Kiser from Xplanation. The translation and localization world is currently undergoing many changes - and also quite a few interesting challenges - both for companies who are seeking a global presence, and for the Language Service Providers looking to cover their communication needs. The Process Innovation Challenge aims at solving some of those challenges through original concepts. In the two previous editions in Barcelona and Silicon Valley, many interesting ideas were presented, arousing the interest of both the public and the jury, and getting discussion going.

The Process innovation Challenge - Explained

The idea is simple: participants pitch and present their innovative ideas on stage for 10 minutes in front of a panel of process “dragon” or “shark” experts, explaining the challenge and their creative solution. The audience decides and chooses their favorite out-of.the-box innovator.

Interested in participating in the next edition?

If you have an innovative idea and you are interested in participating, we have good news for you! The call-for-papers is already open for the next LocWorld edition on June 6th to 8th, 2018 in Warzaw, with a deadline of April 12, 2018. You can submit your ideas here.