Key takeaways from the EUATC event in Berlin

Emmanuelle Neves, our Global Partner Manager at Xplanation, participated in the EUATC event in Berlin on April 20 and 21.

The members of the EUATC are national associations of translation companies established in any European country. The aim of this event is to encourage cooperation and exchange of best practices between translation companies to further the unity and strength of the industry.

The two days of the event were very interesting, with four main streams:

Finance & productivity

Several IT technology providers were invited to speak about the next trends they could see in technology for the translation industry. Monitoring KPIs, sharing large documents for translation amongst several translators in real time via a cloud application, project tracking optimisation and translator performance evaluation were at the heart of the discussions for the next IT tool that will be available on the market.

Data IT & security

During this session, the speakers talked about the number of cyber-attacks and importance of working in a safe environment. If your provider provides you with your password, this shows the confidentiality of your data might be at risk. It is better if the provider allows you to set your own password to ensure 100% confidentiality. Never forget that simple e-mail access is not secure when sharing your confidential documents. With our secured, encrypted Tstream Portal, we at Xplanation feel that we fully comply with data security requirements!

Emmanuelle discusses clarifying what you expect from your translators & why teamwork is essential in the industry

Human resources

A number of speakers talked about the importance of checking the HR health of a company acquired by checking the different team composition or working with virtual teams, not only for translation, but also more and more for project management. However our own Emmanuelle focused on the importance of considering our translators as business partners and how providing them with dedicated training and follow-up is key to improve quality and ensure close cooperation between LSPs and their partner freelancers.

Communication & sales

This session generated very interesting discussions with tips about how to use LinkedIn to improve the LSPs’ corporate brand and the importance of having a consistent marketing strategy to present our services to the world. This is useful not only to get new sales, but also to attract new talented people: the more serious you look on LinkedIn, the more attractive your company will be for these audiences.

The two days were intense with very interesting input from the different participants. Xplanation was very happy to be selected as one of the guest speakers. Next year's EUATC event will be in Spain, will you join and meet us there?