HR translation services: from H for handbook to R for reference

HR translation services

Attracting and retaining the right professionals in today’s complex and rapidly evolving business world is a challenging task. Human Resources (HR) specialists meet a wide range of employee-related business needs while addressing regulatory developments, technological innovation and globalization – not to mention requirements in the areas of risk and supply chain management. A prime example of these diverse challenges is the need for the human resources employees to become GDPR experts and ensure compliance with new European data protection rules.

From 'H' for handbook to 'R' for reference, HR translation encompasses a wide range of content types:

  • Employee communications
  • Codes of conduct
  • Employment contracts and other agreements
  • Documents on workplace health and safety
  • Employee handbooks
  • Job descriptions
  • Meeting minutes
  • Newsletters
  • Payment and benefit plans
  • References
  • Training materials and e-learning modules
  • Updates on regulatory developments
  • Web content

To unite a multilingual team of employees across different regions, it is vital for companies to make all these content types available in several languages. As an ISO-certified global translation services provider, Xplanation has a deep understanding of these HR-related needs and first-hand experience in meeting them. Reflecting our focus on quality and reliability, we ensure that your HR translations are carried out by native speakers with extensive knowledge of HR terminology, processes and regulations. In addition to swift and accurate translation services, Xplanation offers:

So why not simplify the management of your translations? Xplanation is an experienced HR translation provider that can expertly handle all your human resources content types in the desired language combinations.

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