Case study: Vattenfall

With 30,000 employees and 6 million customers, Vattenfall is one of Europe's largest generators of electricity and heat.

Vattenfall's main products are electricity, heat and gas. In electricity and heat, Vattenfall works in all parts of the value chain: generation, distribution and sales, whereas in gas, Vattenfall is active in sales.

Xplanation Case study: Vattenfall


  • 75% of the content for translation comes from Vattenfall’s communications department and requires adaptation rather than straightforward translation.
  • Most of the content for translation requires express or urgent delivery.
  • The subject matter is very specific and requires deep domain expertise.


Solution proposed

To address Vattenfall’s needs, Xplanation deployed a solution focusing on the following components:

  • Establishment of a core team of 20 translators covering required language combinations and expertise in both the energy sector and transcreation.
  • Immediate project initiation via our Portal and advanced process automation: translation starts within minutes of the order being placed.
  • After hours project management cover for urgent requirements.
  • Simplified process for submitting feedback on projects.
  • Electronic invoicing through Basware.
  • Quarterly business report to track common goals.


Results for Vattenfall

  1. Consistent, predictable quality
  • In-country native translation teams (our translation heroes!) have intimate knowledge of Vattenfall’s expectations and linguistic tone.
  • Consistency in resource usage gives Vattenfall predictability of output.
  1. Time-to-market guarantee
  • 65% of content is delivered within 1 working day, 50% of that content within 4 hours.
  • Set terminology and translation memory technology boost consistency and help speed up our translators’ work.
  • Our Project Managers are notified on their mobile devices of projects delivered after business hours and ensure work starts straight away.
  1. Ease of doing business
  • Translation projects are ordered with a couple of clicks thanks to the “Templates” feature in Xplanation’s Portal, which is ideal for recurring projects.
  • Feedback on projects has increased to 15% (up from 5% in 2014) allowing for continuous improvements.



A well-oiled process with reliable, experienced resources has allowed Xplanation to deliver creativity and speed at the same time. 


Vattenfall on Xplanation's value:

"May I ask you to convey my thanks to the translation agency. I think they have done a great job with my articles and captured the tone perfectly." Ivo Banek, Head of Communications.