Case study: Sunrise

Sunrise is the largest private telecommunications provider in Switzerland, that covers the full range of telecommunications: Mobile, landline network, Internet and digital TV.


Prior to entering into a partnership with Xplanation, Sunrise dealt with the following problems:

  • Inconsistent quality from existing suppliers.
  • Lack of understanding of local needs (tone of voice, audience targeted, style of translated content).
  • Delays in receiving translations.
  • Availability.

The solution

To meet Sunrise’s needs, Xplanation provided a solution consisting of the following:

  • Dedicated account management to work specifically on understanding and communicating the Sunrise brand identity, goals and expectations to the pool of translators.
  • Carefully selected and tested core translator pool.
  • Service differentiation with introduction of “transcreation” and on-site copywriting for high-impact content
  • A-la-carte pricing allows users to choose different services, as well as varying delivery speeds and levels of quality, always with native linguists.
  • Intuitive technology such as the Tstream® Portal, which enables real-time ordering of translations and project tracking.

Xplanation case study: Sunrise

Results for Sunrise

1.    Quality is a given

  • Extensive ramp-up with all local stakeholders to ensure dialogue with creative teams in Switzerland (message, style preferences, audience and tone were all discussed in detail early on)
  • Hand-picked in-country professional translators and transcreators who work solely with Sunrise
  • Systematic feedback loop to incorporate changes requested by Sunrise stakeholders into the final copy, the translation memories and/or local validation.

2.    Time-to-market guarantee

  • Translation memory technology allows previously translated content to be reused and boosts consistency, hence increasing translation speed and quality, while reducing costs.
  • A dedicated pool of translators is on call to handle different quality levels, different subject-matter copy as well as urgent and express requests (58% of all work is delivered within 48 hours).

3.    Ease of doing business

  • Over 250 authorized users can order projects in a few clicks using the secure Tstream® Portal.
  • Once the project has been ordered, there is no need to approve quotations since global pricing is in place.
  • A single point of contact (dedicated project management team) ensures a seamless information flow.

4.    Cost reduction

  • Centralized translation memories result in 17.2% savings in the first full year of partnership.
  • Quarterly KPI tracking report.


How does Sunrise’s benefit from working with Xplanation?

  • Sunrise now receives the desired high level of quality, and the company can thus rest assured that its messages reach and resonate with their internal and external audiences.
  • Xplanation has established processes and procedures according the specific needs and requirements of Sunrise.
  • Constant review of best practices: Xplanation understands and supports the goals and strategies of Sunrise, and thus strives to provide optimal results by challenging existing solutions. 

Tailor-made solutions are available to meet the different needs of Sunrise’s numerous stakeholders.