Case study: Søstrene Grene

Since early 2015, Xplanation has been working with one of Denmark's fastest growing international retail chains.

Prior to the cooperation, the chain translated all of its marketing content in-house.

With international success came the need for additional languages and a reliable translation solution. Søstrene Grene considered outsourcing as a way to accelerate time-to-market, free up internal resources and ensure quality.

Søstrene Grene started engaging with Xplanation to localize all its campaigns and in-store material, as well as packaging information.


Prior to partnering with Xplanation, the retail chain needed to address the following challenges:

  • Success in the local markets meant growing volumes of content to be translated by local employees
  • Uneven capacity to absorb the extra translation work and subject-matter expertise in the individual markets affected deadlines, especially for campaigns
  • Søstrene Grene’s head office could not systematically validate the quality of the translations received from local offices and ensure that tone of voice and brand messaging were on target
  • A lack of support for file formats such as Adobe InDesign or Illustrator created inefficiencies and put pressure on internal resources
  • There was no centralized platform to help monitor past and current translation projects
  • The various departments at Søstrene Grene used several databases for multilingual product information, packaging, labels, affecting process consistency and slowing down time-to-market.

Sostrene Grene Logo Case Study

Solution proposed

To meet the retail chain’s growing need for translations, Xplanation provided a turnkey solution:

  • Søstrene Grene has daily translation requests. To simplify the process, Søstrene Grene drops files into a digital shopping basket set up by Xplanation. The basket is emptied by Xplanation three times a week and Søstrene Grene receives the translated files at the agreed times three times weekly. There is no need to enquire for deliveries or look for files. Translations are always ready on time.
  • Xplanation has teams of professional translators available for the projects. They are all retail specialists, they live in their respective countries and are native speakers of the language they translate into.
  • All employees at Søstrene Grene have free access to Søstrene Grene terminology – which, besides the typically used terms, also contains predefined blocks of text, such as warnings and packaging texts.
  • Dedicated professional project managers ensure continuous, prompt delivery.
  • A style guide drawn up together with Søstrene Grene describes tone of voice, customer-specific grammar and layout rules.
  • Xplanation provides graphic editing and layout of files post-translation, so the customer receives the files ready for print – in all languages.


  • Translations are always on time
  • Decreased overhead for internal resources means that staff expertise is used at its best
  • Søstrene Grene saves time through the use of original files – no generation of PDF files or need to copy/paste to another program
  • All data (including usage summary reports), files and project information is easily found via Xplanation's online portal – with a direct link to the customer's terminology
  • All translated content is now located in a single database, saving internal staff at Søstrene Grene precious time.

Based on this success, the collaboration is developing continuously. Xplanation now takes care as well of packaging texts and product information in all required languages.

If you would like further information about how Xplanation can help streamline your translation process, please reach out.