Case study: Getinge

Worldwide, the Getinge Group ranks among the leading providers of washer-disinfectors and sterilizers within the healthcare and life sciences segments. Since its foundation in 1904, Getinge Infection Control has stood for innovation and technological progress in the field of disinfection and sterilization. The Getinge Infection Control organization counts 36 subsidiaries on six continents and over 230 distributors and partner companies in sales and service.

Getinge Infection Control needs to publish a wide range of content in 33 languages, with ever tighter deadline, in a competitive market. Xplanation works hand in hand with Getinge Infection Control to deploy more languages while reducing translation costs through an all-encompassing efficiency program.

Xplanation case study: Getinge

Situation and challenges

  • Content is created by several divisions, with inconsistent terminology.
  • New CMS have been implemented in several divisions.
  • More machines have software displays, with text length restrictions.
  • Web content (in EpiServer CMS) is updated monthly and requires translation into 13 languages.
  • Use of 2 source languages (US English and Swedish) on the same product lines affects content reuse.

Solution proposed

Xplanation deployed a solution focusing on the following components:

  • Creation of a standardized master terminology file in close cooperation with Getinge Infection Control stakeholders.
  • Support during the CMS implementation phase with development of special converters for XML files (Xplanation boasts an experienced language technology R&D department with experience in CMS, XML and Translation Management Systems).
  • Support with best practices for localization of Product UI (User Interface): product displays have space restrictions.
  • Xplanation’s translation memories are bi-directional, which has a positive impact when customers write in two different source languages.

In addition, Xplanation makes its secure Tstream® Portal accessible to all staff at Getinge Infection Control who require translation. Tstream® business dashboards, available real-time, allow for visibility on projects delivered, spend, translation memory performance and quality reporting.

Results for Getinge Infection Control

1. Consistent terminology and better translation memory quality

  • Xplanation’s term mining tool identified terms according to frequency of use, thus not requiring time-consuming input from Getinge Infection Control product managers, but rather validation only.
  • The term list was created in English and in Swedish as Getinge Disinfection source language is Swedish whereas Getinge Sterilization and Global Marketing write in English.
  • A core team of 4 Getinge Infection Control stakeholders agreed on the list as the basis for all translation work going forward: this will avoid terminology questions.
  • Greater consistency and clarity for all users of Getinge Infection Control products.
  • Notable time gain in in-country review as Getinge Infection Control reviewers make less changes to the translations.
  • Reduced translation costs obtained through better translation memory leveraging.

2. Shorter, cheaper documentation translation process

  • With the CMS implementation for documentation, the typical translation cycle for larger manuals (40,000 words) has been reduced by 30% from 6 to 4 weeks.
  • Thanks to the modular approach afforded by the CMS and translation memories, costs have reduced by as much as 45%, allowing for extra languages to be deployed.

3. Robust process for UI localization

Since the maximum number of characters is not known in the translation phase, the shortening of strings had to be done in several phases for some languages, using Getinge Infection Control proprietary tools.

Getinge Infection Control in-country product experts and Xplanation's linguists came up with a solution that respected the length restrictions imposed by the displays, while also focusing on usability for the end user.

Xplanation handled the entire process, including string length check, truncation and in-country review. Getinge Infection Control receives final content which is adapted to each display menu or button and can be imported to the software without further manual handling.

Getinge Infection Control on Xplanation’s value:

“What differentiates Xplanation is speed and value. Not only are they very responsive to our fast-changing requirements, they are able to guide us through new processes and help us gain efficiencies continuously. Xplanation provide high-quality translations consistently, and they support our international growth by offering scale and expertise in technology. For a similar volume of translation year-on-year, our translation budget has reduced by more than 20% thanks to Xplanation.” Ms Karin Fischer, Global marketing manager at Getinge Group.