Case study: Gebrüder Weiss

With more than 6,000 employees and 150 locations in 27 countries worldwide, Gebrüder Weiss is one of Europe's leading transport and logistics companies. In addition to its primary business areas (land transport, air and sea freight), the company boasts a series of specialized subsidiaries and business solutions.

Since 2010, Xplanation has been a language services partner of Gebrüder Weiss by providing multilingual documentation in over 14 languages.

Case Study: Gebrüder Weiss


  • Specific terminology related to transport, logistics, IT, law or finance.
  • High number of language combinations to serve the 27 countries in which Gebrüder Weiss operates.
  • Large variety of content for different audiences, both external and internal (web, print, publication, internal communication, PR, etc.), mostly written in German, and requiring different translation approaches.
  • Projects with tight deadlines (new CRM system, company-wide compliance training courses, launch of new websites) managed by various departments.

Solution provided by Xplanation:

  • Secure online portal, available 24/7, which all stakeholders at Gebrüder Weiss can use to place translation orders. All stakeholders, no matter their location, can order translations online and benefit from preferential rates that are negotiated at group level.
  • Creation of a core team of translators who specialize in Gebrüder Weiss domains and are able to deal with peak volumes and urgent deadlines.
  • Validation of specific terminology: terms are filtered during file preparation to ensure translators have the right terms at their fingertips while they translate.


  • Faster time-to-market for all content, as Xplanation executes all types of projects, in all language combinations, instead of Gebrüder Weiss having to find ad hoc solutions for each project.
  • Cost savings brought about by consolidating and working with a single provider, and the automation of transactional tasks (file transfer, translation memory analysis, translation memory updates).
  • Better quality with validated, company-wide terminology, used consistently with all content and available online for all Gebrüder Weiss stakeholders through Xplanation’s Tstream® Term Manager.
  • Continuous improvement of quality due to feedback tools in Tstream® Portal, enabling stakeholders to give feedback on each project in just a couple of minutes.

"In Xplanation we have found the right partner for tackling all kinds of translation challenges. We highly value their flexibility and proactivity, the good communication between all parties involved and, of course, the quality delivered."