Case study: Edwards

A leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps and abatement systems, Edwards serves a wide array of markets, ranging from flat panel displays and semiconductors, to scientific instruments and nanotechnology.

The Challenge

Edwards has a small team in charge of managing the localization of its global technical and marketing documentation – which is usually translated into 8-10 languages for each product. Furthermore, Edwards recently launched two major projects: a rebranding exercise following its acquisition by Atlas Copco, and the transition from a traditional documentation format to one involving XML. The question was then: how do we complete these objectives with a lean internal team, while ensuring that the delivered content satisfies Edwards’ customers from across the globe?

Xplanation case study: Edwards

The Approach

Due to the limited team size and the focus on other core competences, Edwards has implemented a full outsource solution, entrusting Xplanation and another partner to deliver products and content for all of its markets. Xplanation has been serving all of Edwards’  documentation translation needs for over 10 years, but the role Xplanation plays now also goes beyond providing “only” translation.

The Solution

One key advantage that sets Xplanation apart from the rest is its intimate knowledge of Edwards’ products. All content going to translation is verified for accuracy by Xplanation’s sector experts to ensure any problems in the source content are caught before the translation process begins. This saves Edwards considerable time, as potential issues with the source documents are spotted and corrected upstream, and not multiplied at a later stage by the number of target languages.

Key Benefits

  • Intimate product knowledge and stable translation resource pool means peace of mind when it comes to the quality of output and high satisfaction in local markets
  • Faster time-to-market thanks to source check, which means post-translation revisions can be avoided
  • Ordering and tracking process streamlined through Xplanation’s Tstream Portal, which means no time wasted checking emails for deliveries
  • Closer control on costs and other KPIs via Xplanation’s reporting capabilities
  • Customised and scalable solutions

Fast Facts

  • Xplanation has been a preferred supplier of Edwards since 2001.
  • In that time, Xplanation has translated several million words.

All content going to translation is verified for accuracy by Xplanation’s sector expert to ensure potential mistakes in the source content are caught before the translation process begins.