Case study: Drupal and JYSK A/S

Case study: Drupal and JYSK A/S

Searching the market for the perfect content management system (CMS) is like a journey into the unknown for many companies. Simply finding a CMS that meets your needs can seem overwhelming – without even mentioning the time-consuming implementation process, involving installation, migration and training activities. A large number of companies therefore wonder whether it is really worth it to change to a new CMS. The short and simple answer is a resounding YES.


In 2016, JYSK A/S selected Drupal as the CMS for its new online employee universe At the same time, the company decided to simplify its translation process using a Tstream® Connect solution. Drupal is also the back-end framework used for JYSK's webshop at


Xplanation spoke to Martin Møller Aamand, Communications & PR Manager at JYSK A/S, about the implementation of Drupal and Tstream® Connect, as well as the launch of the universe, which is now available online in 18 languages.


Case study: Drupal and JYSK A/S

What is your experience working with Drupal and Tstream® Connect on a day-to-day basis?

"For, which I oversee, we use Drupal 8. It is a very user-friendly and flexible platform once you are familiar with it.

We have skilled Drupal developers, who have worked with Xplanation to incorporate Tstream® Connect into the system. As a result, we can now send content for translation using a quick, straightforward process.

The best thing about our current set-up is that we generally only need to format our content once. When translations come back from Xplanation, the content fits back into the system in exactly the same layout as the source text. That is really smart and saves us a considerable amount of time."

What is the biggest difference you have noticed since switching to a CMS?

"Before launching in December 2016, we produced a printed version of our employee newsletter, which had to be translated into multiplelanguages. Each language version was then sent for layout. This process took a considerable amount of time and meant that we had to draw up a carefully structured and detailed production plan.

Our digital employee universe is far more flexible – allowing us to keep our content fully up to date, whether it is in the form of articles, photographic reports or videos.

Today, the entire process – from placing an article in the system to its translation and publication in 18 languages – takes just one week. Previously, we produced only four editions of the printed newsletter per year. The production speed and the frequency with which we publish content have both increased enormously with the new system."

Was the transition to Drupal challenging?

"The interplay between Drupal and Tstream® Connect took a little time to perfect. We were fortunate to have several experienced IT colleagues on board to help."

A general user needs to spend some time at the beginning in order to learn how to use the system. We drafted some practical user guides for this purpose, which we can refer to and which help new colleagues when starting out."

What was the verdict of users of your new universe?

"The vast majority of employees were very positive about – not least because of how easy it has become to share relevant content on social media. Some people miss having a paper version of the newsletter delivered to them, but it always takes time to get used to something new. We can see from our statistics that a very large number of people visit on a regular basis to stay up to date about what is happening at JYSK. And is now also available to people outside the company."

How does the future look for

"We would like even more people to visit – whether it is employees or other individuals who want to know more about the company – so that they can enjoy reading our exciting stories and news. We are also looking into adding a few more languages, since JYSK is expanding into new countries."

At Xplanation, we are just as enthusiastic as JYSK about the Tstream® Connect solution using Drupal. We look forward to continuing our cooperation with JYSK and to providing them with efficient translation solutions.

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JYSK is an international retail chain with Scandinavian roots that sells everything for the home. Its first store opened in Denmark in 1979. Today, JYSK has more than 2,500 stores and 21,000 employees in 50 countries. The stores operate under the name Dänisches Bettenlager in Austria and Germany and under the name JYSK in the rest of the world. JYSK is owned by Danish businessman Lars Larsen, who is the driving force behind a number of companies with a combined turnover of DKK 29.9 billion. JYSK's turnover is DKK 24.97 billion.

Xplanation Language Services has been JYSK's preferred translation partner since 2007 and provides JYSK with translations in 21 languages on a daily basis.