PTV success story

PTV Group plans and optimizes everything that moves people and goods worldwide – be it transport routes, distribution structures or private and public transport. The company develops software, provides data, content, consulting and research. It occupies a unique market position thanks to expert knowledge in traffic and transport planning.


Until 2013, PTV’s in-house translation team handled all translation requirements for Graphical User Interfaces, software documentation and marketing materials. With the rise of new technology and customer requirements PTV saw the need to adapt existing processes. The decision was made to seek an external language services partner to build a long-term cooperation and gain additional flexibility during peak times.

PTV Success Story

PTV’s initial strategic objectives:

  • Professional translators for different domains and topics (logistics, marketing, legal, etc.)
  • Standardized, smart solutions for order processing, tracking and invoicing
  • Cost-efficient model
  • Linguistic resources and solutions for all markets
  • Fast response times

PTV selected Xplanation as their translation partner and within a month a full team as well as the technical setup were put into place on Xplanation’s side which included the central management of translation memories, selection and training of translators and setup of the Tstream® customer portal. With PTV’s support in the transfer of knowledge Xplanation managed to be fully operational within 6 months. Additional gains and achievements were:

  • Significant cost reduction compared to internal model
  • Reduced administrative overhead for PTV by managing one partner
  • Terminology project initiated to increase consistency and improve end user experience
  • Overall more control in terms of quality, but also transparency of costs and time spent on translation

PTV on Xplanation value:

“Xplanation is a great benefit to the PTV Group. Due to standardization of processes and smart solutions to handle with growing translation requirements, PTV Group is in a position to focus on their core business to beat customer expectations”. Stefan Burkard, Director Customer Services.